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Fujian Shishi garment wholesale market

China's top ten clothing wholesale market - Fujian Shishi clothing wholesale market


Summary: Shishi clothing wholesale market, located in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, in 2005, Shishi clothing wholesale market was named the "China Top Ten clothing wholesale market. The main event is organized by the Cross-Strait Textile and Apparel Fair Mall Description: the formation of this new fusion of innovation and win-win market philosophy.

Shishi clothing wholesale market
Mall Profile
Shishi clothing wholesale market in China casual clothing city of Shishi City, Shishi city government to promote an important carrier of the Shishi garment industry structure adjustment and industrial upgrading. Company project planned land area of ​​1,100 acres, center of the land area of ​​668 mu, building area of ​​the central area of ​​600,000 square meters, with total planned investment of nearly $ 1.5 billion. Shishi garment wholesale market project is a government-led stock operation, phased construction, and rolling development principles. Fusion, innovation, win-win business philosophy, modern business concepts and management wisdom of organic integration, to create market value and display the brand's customers to build a large-commerce platform; The company also committed to creating a beautiful environment, good image prominent brands, advanced management, perfect service, first-class clothing store, to build the Chinese clothing market flagship.
In 2005, Shishi garment wholesale market was named China's top ten clothing wholesale market, the company will Shishi clothing chain operations of the wholesale market expansion, and ultimately the formation of the Asia's largest clothing store based in Shishi, the radiation, affecting the world. And use it as an opportunity to Shishi garment industry adjustment and industrial upgrading, promote the construction of the Shishi casual wear city, reproduce lions Treasures and reproduction of lions brilliant. We will always uphold the company's operating philosophy and management objectives in the progressive realization of a well-organized enterprise management system, flexible operational mechanism and management system is better, and also through the establishment of sound corporate competency-based human resources management system, adhere to their talent, only play his employment principles; through the company's human resource management policies, and strive to create one can realize their own values ​​and demonstrate the personal capacity development platform, reflecting the corporate purposes of the employees, businesses, shareholders, society and win-win for all personnel of the company and lay a solid foundation for the sustainable management of the company.
The main event
Hold cross-strait textile and garment fair (referred to as Haibo, abbreviation for STCF) and the main place of China's Casual Wear Fair 2009 held in ten-second.
Textile and garment fair in the 12th Cross-Strait Shishi clothing wholesale market in e-commerce platform officially opened on April 18, 2009. The organizers hope that through e-commerce platform to expand the market for traditional pillar industries in the new situation.
Business philosophy
Mall Profile
Integration of innovation and win-win
Shishi clothing wholesale market in the preparations for the beginning of creation of this new market fusion of innovation and win-win business philosophy, the kind with the past, some market early stage of operation to build markets, and you to the rental business, as the profit or not has nothing to do and I, I just sit the market ideas and practices of the ground rent collection formed a big difference, then, this new idea of ​​what the new where?
Conceptually, the integration refers to the government and enterprises to join hands, different regions, cultural backgrounds of the different enterprises, and even different mode of operation of enterprises and enterprise work, to reach a consensus, common in lions clothing wholesale market, Asia's largest clothing trading platform a go financial director of the one hundred of, or the opinions of Octagon, the gradual formation of the lions clothing wholesale market, a unique business philosophy and atmosphere.
From a product perspective, the integration means all clothing areas converge together, such as men's, women's, children's clothing, formal wear, casual wear, pants, dresses, underwear, jackets, and even matching tie and clothing, footwear, hats, bags, belts, wedding, etc., so that the lions clothing wholesale market a full range, in various categories, with different styles, and Ling Lang everywhere operation pattern, and merchants to be able to find a variety of products you want here.
Innovation is a theme of our times will never fade, no innovation will fall behind, there is no innovation will be eliminated by the society, the product is still a market. In recent years, emerged many famous clothing market, such as Guangzhou Baima, Wuai, Wuhan Hanzhengjie, Shaoxing Textile City, these markets from the original market for the spontaneous formation of the first hawker stalls to the current management practices, business sequence, large-scale large-scale modern clothing wholesale market, the period after a number of innovation that makes these markets apart from many markets, and become a leader in the apparel market. It can be said that innovation is the key to business survival is the key to the market to develop and grow.
Social and economic benefits not only the objectives pursued by the enterprise, the goal pursued by the government. Shishi clothing wholesale market as a business platform, is to make all participants can win benefits, in order to stimulate the development of all walks of life play a positive role in promoting the lions and even the province's economic development, this is a win-win situation. Course, to achieve win-win goal, but also need the government, the joint efforts of all the operators and the community as a whole.

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